Business Audit & Alignment

An in-depth look at your business and where it’s going.

Businesses often grow like wild rose bushes…
And from a distance they are beautiful…

And there’s a common problem that happens to them while they’re growing and the Business Owner works every day IN the business…

Processes become wild…

Goals between individuals and departments begin to compete with each other…

Team alignment with the Business Owner’s Vision suffers…

Your business is trying to be too many things to too many masters…

And because of this:

Efficiencies suffer;
Profitability suffers;
Good employees leave with you having no clear understanding as to why, or how to fix what’s broke;
Clients express frustration and remind you of what it used to be like to do business with you;

Your business isn’t walking the talk anymore…

It’s stuck.

You know you need to fix it, but where do you start?

That’s where the Walk-the-Talk Audit & Alignment program comes in…

Through a special set of over 90 targeted questions asked in a few different ways combined with a complete audit of your financials, policies and procedures, marketing efforts, and several other supporting documents…

You can find:
– The inefficiencies in your business;
– The alignment issues in your business;
– The low-hanging fruit in your business.

This program will look at facts, documentation, and view points in 6 areas of your business:
– Organizational Alignment
– Marketing and Sales
– Operations
– Human Resources
– Finance
– Technology

Often times the biggest roadblock to you getting the honest answers you need as a leader is your authority and power as the leader…

Sometimes we get answers based on what people think we want to hear and not based on what we need to hear.

By having a third party who guarantees anonymity ask the right kind of targeted questions you can blast through that barrier…

This will be an in-depth process where we’ll peel away the layers…

I’ll compare the answers I get to your financials, policies, procedures, and execution.

When we’re done you’ll know:
– Where to start;
– Where your best internal opportunities are;
– Where some good external opportunities are;
– Which branches to leave in your rosebush;
– Which branches to cut out of your rosebush.

What you’ll get:
– A full private report of my findings where I’ll discuss your issues, opportunities, and what’s going right.
– The Top 5 things to change in your business.
– The Top 5 things that are working best in your business right now.
– The Top 3 things to change in each functional area of your business right now.
– The Top 3 things that are working best in each area of your business right now.

We’ll finish with a follow-up phone call within two weeks of your receipt of the report to talk through the results and how best to proceed.

And then 90 days later we’ll have a phone call to check on how your implementation is going.

How this program came to be:

I was very fortunate early in my professional career to understand that the sale of a business is the last sale a business owner makes. I was also very fortunate to understand that owning a business that other people want to buy is a very enviable position to be in. Not from an egotistical point of view, but rather because it meant that if someone wanted to own your business then there was an above average chance that it was providing a good life for the person who owned it.

When I became a CEO for the first time I committed that I would run that company from day one in a way that would be to the Founder’s benefit. I would run it so that one day someone would make him an offer that he couldn’t resist because they really liked his company. And along the way, he’d be able to enjoy the lifestyle that he wanted.

One day came four years into my tenure as CEO and we found ourselves with two simultaneous multi-million dollar offers to buy the business. And so began the Due Diligence process. Because of how the business had been built and run the process was fairly easy even though it’s the business equivalent of a living autopsy.

I’ve taken my approach to running businesses combined with what I’ve learned from going through the Due Diligence process several times and distilled it down to a single program that’s designed to give business owners the valuable perspective that comes only from having a separate person critique your company.

This program has the singular goal of helping business owners find the low hanging fruit in their businesses, identify and prioritize the things that need to be fixed in their business, and refocus and refine the business to prepare it for the next stage of growth.

About Philip:

Philip grew up the son of a serial entrepreneur. He learned the value of customer service first hand and how it affects branding and business growth. He grew up in house where he understood that a business had to make a profit every day. After serving 7 years in the Nuclear Navy, and with the encouragement of his family he completed his Mechanical Engineering degree and his Master’s in Business Administration.

Philip has worked in multiple different industries. He’s spent 5 years working inside one of America’s best and leanest manufacturing companies where he held positions in several different departments in the company ranging from Quality to Production to Purchasing.

Philip has work in distribution where he sourced and selected international suppliers based on their ability to deliver components to some of America’s best brands.

As the CEO of an engineering consulting firm, he built a business at 50% per year for 5 straight years, been through the due diligence and sale process of a multi-million dollar business. He’s been through the ups and the downs of business ownership and knows what it takes to build a business that generates real profits.

Inside a multi-national service company he’s delivered Top 5 profitability by providing superior customer service and execution in an industry known for very tight profit margins.

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Building a business
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How to run a business

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Building a business

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Feel like your business
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Pinpoint the low-hanging
fruit and fix first things first.

Feel like your business

get's in it's own way?


Pinpoint the low-hanging

fruit and fix first things first.


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